#RiseUpOctober, Cleveland to New York City on October 24

Puncture the Silence has endorsed the national Stop Mass Incarceration Network‘s call to #RiseUpOctober, a series of major protests on October 22-24.

On October 24, thousands of protesters are expected in New York City, and buses from Cleveland and other cities have been chartered to bring families of people killed by police to New York City. The energy and passion of the Black Lives Matter movement has brought more attention to this issue than ever before, and this is our opportunity to harness some of this energy in a massive uprising in our nation’s financial capital. When it comes to resisting police terror, New York City is the belly of the beast. The birthplace of “Broken Windows Policing” and “Stop and Frisk”, NYC has the country’s largest police force. Former Mayor Bloomberg boasted that “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.” Possibly even scarier than the idea of this force answering to the neoliberal Bloomberg is the fact that they have since gone rogue under current Mayor Bill DiBlasio. In a blatant rebuke to the voters of the city, the police didn’t stop their “slowdown” until DiBlasio stepped back from his tepid criticisms of the out-of-control force.

We have taken on the challenge of raising funds to help send families of victims from Cleveland on buses to NYC. Please visit our Donate page and stay tuned for details on an upcoming bake sale. We also hope other people of conscience who want to be a part of the protest in New York City will join us on buses. For more information about how to get a seat on one of the buses, please email us or visit Cleveland’s local #RiseUpOctober website.

A #RiseUpOctober kickoff event held in New York City last week featured families of victims and also many speeches. Stop Mass Incarceration Network co-founder Cornel West’s rousing closing remarks can be seen in the video below.


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