How this got started

pts profile

In the early spring of 2014 several of us read the book The New Jim Crow, written by Michelle Alexander. We could no longer allow this injustice. Thus began the group Puncture the Silence – Stop Mass Incarceration. We are still a fledgling, but motivated and growing organization. We have endorsed the Stop Mass Incarceration Network’s Call for a month of ramped-up resistance to mass incarceration for October of 2014.

We are busy planning and organizing events showing our resistance to mass incarceration. A few of these are:

  • October 3-5 Sermons on the New Jim Crow from every pulpit
  • October 22 Demonstration at 3 PM on Public Square, Cleveland
  • October 30 National Wear Orange Day

With more still to come.

Join this new movement and help puncture the silence about all the injustices in the courts, sentencing, prosecutorial discretion, discriminatory mass incarceration of a generation of youth of color.


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